LCIP Stakeholders


    Leg Club are proud to be a LCIP Stakeholder

    Being able to understand the needs of the people we are here to help is vital to the service we provide. Exploring an individual’s perception of their problems, demonstrating a deeper understanding of their health status and recognising the impact on their lives of living with a leg wound, provides Leg Club Industry Partners (LCIP) with new and important information. Involving members (patients) as stakeholders ensures that their views, experiences and interests are central to LCIP relationship.

    The Leg Club members’ (patients’) views need to be heard within all levels of government if the NHS is to be responsive to their needs. Only they can understand the day-to-day realities of their condition and are best placed to decide what form of wound/compression management can help them to manage pain, remain independent and enjoy a better quality of life, enhancing the relevance of outcome measures in terms of the lived experience.

    The LCIP provides support both to the clinical team and members through company representatives visits. Being able to understand their needs and then discuss directly with the healthcare industry, helps to keep members’ views at the forefront of wound/compression development.

    We are proud to be a stakeholder of the LCIP, which, through regular engagement with clinicians, commissioners, public bodies and parliamentarians seeks to improve understanding of the views of Leg Club members, ensuring they are factored into NHS and policy decisions.